If you and your team want to learn with me, the best way would be to organize a special seminar in France or in your country (cheaper solution for you) ; we will agree about a special price and a special theme.  
Fabrice HOHN 
4, rue de la Châtaigneraie
44450 Divatte-sur-Loire


2021 workshops :


 Learn different breathing techniques, each with a specific role: soothing, relieving and purifying, replenishing vitality, stimulating the immune system, oxygenate even more, facilitate sleep. Breathing helps with mental and emotional calm. We will also practice Guolin chi kung with several steps, their breaths and their specific gestures concerning the various organs connected to the elements of nature attached to them (earth, water, fire, air, ether). These walks will also be performed with the bio-mechanics of Full Taiji. This course will be mainly practical and little theory will be given. It will be in the form of hiking on the small paths of the woods. The gestural and respiratory work will not be continuous but with breaks to appreciate the nature. PLACE: Barbechat (44) Participation: 10 € Number of participants: 5 maxi.


Yang Luchan’s Former Taichi Chuan
 February 14 in Nantes From 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm

 Participation: 40 €
 Number of people to be defined


 March 14

 in Clisson or Nantes
 From 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm
Participation: 40 €
 Number of people to be defined


The 9 basic movements of Full Taiji
 25 Apr

 For any discipline: Taiji, other martial arts and body arts...
Work of fluidity, coordination, balance in the natural and relaxed state of the body.
 Nantes from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h
Participation: €60
 Number of people to be defined


 23 & 24 May

 Some explanation on the 5 states of consciousness in this text:
The Full Taiji will take you forward to mastering the bio-mechanical polarities in the 5 dimensions of space. Full Taiji and the 5 states of consciousness can be integrated into any choreography: dancers, practitioners of other martial arts than Taiji quan are welcome. Work solo and with partner.
Opening hours: 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm
PLACE: Préau du parc, rue des moulins (rue de la ville) au Loroux-Bottereau
Participation: €100 or €60 per day


 Full Taiji dance
 June 6

 Full Taiji will take you forward to mastering bio-mechanical polarities in the 5 dimensions of space. Full Taiji can be integrated into any choreography: dancers, practitioners of other martial arts than Taiji quan are welcome. Work solo and with partner.
Nantes from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h
 Participation: 60 €
 Number of people to be defined


 18 to 23 July
 Chi kung of the 8 pieces of brocade + Long stick of the Yang style from 9h to 12h
 Ancient taichi + martial applications from 17h to 19h

 Place: Carnac
Whole course: 350 €
Mornings only: 240 €
Afternoons only: 180 €
 Per day: 70 €


 Suggestion of workshops : 

July 13-17 from 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 7pm (5-10 min breaks every hour)
Open to all Taichi You must know at least one form of Taichi
Rare form of the Taichi Long Stick
Yang Tui shou style (pushed hands, sao chee or sticky hands) of Full Taiji : the Dalu in a version respecting the yin-yang of the hands and the fact of advancing on the attack (strategize Yang Luchan’s ancient Taichi chuan)
Rhythmic breathing with WAVE movements and spirals reproducing the evolution of living beings
Created by Fabrice Hohn The Full Taichi (Full Taiji) is based on the reproduction of yin-movements
 Its Effects : Full Tai-chi includes different levels ensuring complete work of your body and mind while bringing you energy benefits. Stimulation of all çakras or nerveux Stimulation of all acupuncture meridians Increased aura volume Neuro-muscular harmonization Stimulation of the various areas of the brain Joint relaxation Energy cleaning Increase energy circulation Energy harmonization In this course, I will give the appropriate indications to your personal approach and compatible with your level of bio-mechanical mastery. Your job will be to integrate the principles into your personal practice and style. Don’t hesitate to ask me a few questions about the FT. (a principle is not a series of techniques but a way of moving, a key to understanding or creating a set of techniques...)
0 - the structure: physical unification, placement of feet, knees, pelvis, belly, elbows, wrists, fingers, eyes, sternum and spine, "earthquake" (relaxation, sung, TRE), ... Energetic: centering, "Taichi energy Martial: psychology of waiting (guards...), cashing
1 - Yin-yang up-down, rhythmic breathing (see cardiac coherence) Energetic: anchoring, reception of cosmic and telluric fields Martial: blocking the attack, Hand thrusts (tui shou)
2 - Frontal Yin-yang Energetic: yin-yang harmony of the sky and yin-yang of the earth Martial: dodge backwards and forward (not hunted, crossed), shoot the attack
3 - Symmetrical transverse yin-yang Energetic: opening and closing tan tien (çakras) Martial: intercept, break attack and turn attacker
4- Yin-yang sagittal Energetic: Micro and Macroosmic Circulation (Design and Governor Vessels) Martial: Move Back Up Forward Down and Vice Versa
5 - Assymetric transverse yin-yang Energetic: internal spirals - External, Central Meridians and Belt, Martial Universal Love: Turning on Oneself with the Opponent, Projecting and Controlling the Ground Attacker
6 - Downward Horizontal Viviani Curve Energetic: Anchoring, Global Harmony, Universal Martial Consciousness: Principle of Pa kua chang, and Aikido
7 - Upward Horizontal Viviani Curve Energetic: Global Harmony, Shen Home Martial: Small Unstoppable Circles (taken from circular hands or Secret Little Circles of the Taichi Yang Family)
8 - Entrante Vertical Viviani Curve Energetic: Global Harmony, Welcome to Tao Martial: Feintes
9 - Principle: Outgoing Viviani Vertical Curve Energetic: Global Harmony, Home of the Great Moi Martial: Sliding Defenses, Bilateral Control, Tui Shou & Chin Na
10 - Principle: Mental Immobility Energetic: Global Harmony, Home of the Source Martial: Wudang shan chuan chi disturbance technique (Wudang Mountain Boxing, qi disruptive technicss), Tui shou et chin na, Radial centering



 The so-called ancient form of Yang Luchan is now disclosed in the West but is still more or less secret in China. It includes 128 techniques including twenty that the grandson Yang Chengfu removed to popularize family art. These twenty techniques allow to go further in skill, physical, energetic and martial performance... Rhythmic breaths (see Cardiac Coherence) alone then in sync with Taichi movements. Continuous, with full lung apnea, empty lung apnea and both; Normal and inverted abdominal breathing. Chest respiration in 6 high and low dimensions. Chi kung of the classical spirals: twelve spirals connected with the tan tien (çakras) and providing obvious technical support for the ancient form of Yang Luchan.


Others :
Taï-chi chuan : 
-Yang Chengfu form (108 techniques) 
-combat, martial applications
- pushing hands (tui shou) 1st level (simple and double pushings, classical Da lu, free tui shou, resisting to pushings...) 
-pushing hands 2nd level (upper Da lu, classical and upper Peng/lu/chee/an... up to the free Tui shou inserted in combat, pushing away several persons, dodging...)* 
-codified and free scattering of hands (chee sao) 1st level 
-chee sao 2nd level, same work with the legs 
-long stick form (1m80) of Yang Chengfu 
-dim-mak press for tui shou 
-dim-mak science (vital points), iron shirt and hand, antidotes, 1st level (paralysing vital points) 
-12 secret circles** 
-Wu-dang shan chuan*** 
-meditation and relaxation 
Principles for all martial arts : 
0 - Centered earth : Centering of the energetic bodies, grounding : feet, knees, the back..., relaxation, psychologia of waiting (gards), how to resist to a few opposants pushing you, how to bloc,  
1 - fluidity : how to control the directions throw the body and the space, vertical yin/yang science, how to create jing, chee sao (1st contact in combat), dodge, sky and hearth's chi, fa-li,  ... 
2 - Frontal yin-yang science, yin of sky and earth, yang of sky and earth, fa-jing, ...

3 -  lightness and expanding : opren/close of rhe horizontal dimension, how to push a few opposants, to create chi, spirals science, shuai jiao (judo)..., fa-chi...* 
4 - Micro-cosmic circulation, rebound force : open/close science of the sagital dimension, fa-chi, ... ** 
5 - Horizontal yin-yang, breathing, sounds (ki-aï, hormonic sings...), to reseive the Taïchi field...**

6 - synthesis of forces : Viviani curves in horizontal dimension, fa-shen, spontaneity, reflex, chin na (arm blocs ), to reseive the Shen field...**
7 - Other Viviani curves in horizontal dimension, Pushing hands for comba, to reseive the Tao field,...*** 
8 - Viviani curves in vertical dimension, meditation, energetic technics, hypnose for martial arts, to reseive the Great self field...***

9 -  Other Viviani curves in vertical dimension, to reseive the Universal field
Yoga : 
-Yoga of Djed loot and snake (grounding, recenter, harmonisation, fluidity...) 
-Yoga of Lion and Eagle (purification, relaxation, streatching...) 
-Yoga of the Sphinx (superior level of Yoga, to increase energy...) 
-Tibetan Yoga (mitsung chi kung) 
-The eight treasures (for meridians and nervous system...) 
-The 12 spirals (superior level of chi kung) 
-The 5 animals and elements of I chuan (walks, tui shou, spontaneity) 
-Iron shirt (from Old Yang style of Taïchi chuan) 
-Meditations and talks for self-knowledge 
-individual energetic initiation (about an hour) 
-group energetic initiation : energetic shields and centres 
*only open for persons with 3 years of martial arts pratical at least 
**only open for persons with 3 years of internal martial arts at least and who have participated to one of my class for beginners 
***only open for selected persons