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> 1) Who was the founder of Tai Chi Chuan? 
Maybe Zhang Sang-Feng, maybe an other master... There 
are no evidences about the founder. And it doesn't matter. 
> 2) What does the name - Tai Chi Chuan - mean? 
It means "poles boxing" or "boxing of yin and yang" ; so, Ta�-chi chuan is 
the science of the yin/yang moving. The old name is "Hao chuan" or "relax 
> 3) A brief history of Tai Chi Chuan? 
We have no proof of the history. There are only legends. But we know a 
little bit the history since the 18th century with the Chen and the Yang 
families. The most famous master of Ta�-chi chuan was Yang Lu-Chan, the 
founder of the Yang style very popular now. 
> 4) What country does Tai Chi Chuan originated from? 
It comes from China. 
> 5) What are some of the strengths of Tai Chi Chuan? 
Recentering, harmony, serenity, peace, control, relaxation. The most 
important point is the relaxation because the relaxation goes to confidence, 
the confidence goes to sincerity, sincerity goes to compassion, compassion 
goes to the enlightment. 
> 6) What are some of the weaknesses of Tai Chi Chuan? 
Ta�-chi chuan is a tool, not a goal. So it can be a good tool in good hands 
or a bad tool in bad hands. The practitionner have to do the yin and the 
yang part of the art : slow movments and martial or dynamic technics. 
Enligntment and/or Harmony have to be the goals of the practitionner if he 
doesn't want to have problems in is life with Ta�-chi chuan. Weaknesses or 
strengths are in the heart of the practitionner. 
> 7) What age should kids start training in Tai Chi Chuan? 
Kids can't training in TCC. The teacher have to introduce games, yoga... 
> 8) Is Tai Chi Chuan suitable for women? 
Yes, of course ! Wy not ? 
> 9) Are there any weapons involved in Tai Chi Chuan and which ones? 
There are long and small sticks, sword, knife and fan. 
> 10) Who is the highest-ranking person in Tai Chi Chuan? 
I don't know : maybe you, maybe me ?! Who is the judge ? And from what point 
of view ? 
> 11) Is there a national organization that oversees your style? 
No, but you can meet teachers of the Yang familly style in each occidental countries (and Australia, China...). But the katas, my style is very original because it is the essence of the other styles : all secret principles are teaching with analisis and synthesis. And this principles are organized like the evolution of life is. 
> 12) What is the ranking system in this style? 
The experience of fullness and emptyness. 
> 13) What advice would you give new beginners that are looking for a 
martial art school? 
Your goal have to be very high. The higher goal is the knowledge of yourself. And it is possible if you are in peace with yourself, with anybody. The higher degree in martial art is the no-fear of death : the ultimate confidence in life, the "wu-wei". 
> 14) Who is the one person in your opinion that has made a great 
contribution to Tai Chi Chuan? 
Wang Nien-nien and Cheng Man-ching 
> 15) Your full name? 
Fabrice HOHN 
> 16) Your email address?" 

> Thank you again for participating in our survey. 

> World Martial Arts Information Center 
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